Pekänjo children’s wear

Pekänjo – Danish design for young ones.

Uninterrupted play. The small detail. Scandinavian warmth and natural charm. Pekänjo is children’s wear which is easy to fall in love with.

Simple, plain and with small details – these are the keywords for Pekänjo’s design line for children aged 2 to 10/12 years. Pekänjo is high-quality designer clothing, and all of Pekänjo’s children’s wear is produced exclusively for Pekänjo, thus making it unique compared to all other children’s wear.

The two annual collections, spring/summer and fall/winter, are made with a clear red thread through style and colour composition so that the entire collection may be mixed criss-cross. And the clothes are of course made for children moving about – and for using again and again.

Originally, Pekänjo was only producing boys’ wear, but as of spring/summer 2010, Pekänjo children’s wear is now for boys as well as girls aged 2 to 10/12 years. However, we still focus on trendy clothes for boys.

Our name; “Pekänjo”

The name Pekänjo is a Scandinavian rewriting of the Spanish/Portuguese word pequeño which means small. The Scandinavian touch manifests itself in the Danish rewriting, the Swedish and Finnish ä and in the Norwegian use of j.

The logo in the shape of a mouse is small, quick, bright and smart. And most importantly: It is lovable.

Where to buy?

Pekänjo is sold at our own webshop (SHOP ONLINE) 


You are welcome to visit our fansite at facebook, www.facebook.com/pekanjo